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Here you will find all information regarding our open web API including demos, documentation and samples of usage.
DEMO: Try faces and points detection, faces analysis and recognition functions online on your images:

Face Recognition Online Demo (HTML 5/Javascript)

Betaface Face Recognition on Android
Feel free to use this shared webservice for commercial or non-commercial applications. Depends on the amount of requests you send to webservice your images may be queued and processed with delay.

Public API keys (free):
api_key: d45fd466-51e2-4701-8da8-04351c872236
api_secret: 171e8465-f548-401d-b63b-caf0dc28df5f

Current public API key limits: faces search/recognition requests - no limits; new images - 500 images per day (15000 images per month); Same image with different set of processing flags counts as new image; images in processing queue - 500; transform requests - no limits.

Paid plans:
Freemium: 0 EUR/month 500 IMAGE /day, 0.035 EUR extra
Basic: 199 EUR/month 40000 IMAGE/month 0.025 EUR extra
Premium: 399 EUR/month 100000 IMAGE/month 0.02 EUR extra.
Ultra: 1299 EUR/month 300000 IMAGE/month 0.015 EUR extra.

IMAGE – Each new image processed via UploadImage, UploadNewImage_File or UploadNewImage_Url functions.
- uploading the same image with different detection_flags counts as IMAGE.
- uploading the same image with the same set of detection_flags while previous processing results are still in cache does not count as IMAGE.
- no restrictions on recognize, GetRecognizeInfo or GetImageInfo requests; no restrictions on number of namespaces or their size

If you like to subscribe to one of those plans send email to info@betaface.com with your details for invoice and plan you selected. We will send you your personal API key.

Online payments:

Current data storage policy: Source images are removed from cache shortly after processing. Faces that have no person/namespace assigned and corresponding image metadata usually cleaned up after 10 days (face IDs and image IDs will be invalidated).

You must include betafaceapi.com attribution in your website, project or app. You can help us and endorse betafaceapi.com by providing additional attribution on your main page.

Here are a graphic badges for you to use, and also a pre-formatted HTML snippet which you can place on your application's page(s). To comply with the betafaceapi.com terms of use, you need to display a badge or text attribution on your web site or client application if betafaceapi.com data services are used. To add the attribution, please include a link to the badge image of your choice, or copy the HTML code for insertion into your application. Whether you use our badges or HTML snippet, link them to the betafaceapi.com site at http://betafaceapi.com


Face Recognition by betafaceapi.com
<a href="http://betafaceapi.com/" title="Face Recognition by betafaceapi.com">
<img src="http://betafaceapi.com/badges/badge_1_light_bg_small.png" border="0" alt="Face Recognition by betafaceapi.com">

Face Recognition by betafaceapi.com
<a href="http://betafaceapi.com/" title="Face Recognition by betafaceapi.com">
<img src="http://betafaceapi.com/badges/badge_1_dark_bg_small.png" border="0" alt="Face Recognition by betafaceapi.com">

HTML Snippet

Copy the following code into your web page or client application.

<!-- Begin Betafaceapi.com Attribution Snippet -->
<a href="http://betafaceapi.com/" title="Face Recognition by betafaceapi.com">Face Recognition by betafaceapi.com</a>
<!-- End Betafaceapi.com Attribution Snippet -->

This code results in a link like this:

Face Recognition by betafaceapi.com

Please use only the image links we provide you, and place attribution near results or actions supported by the betafaceapi.com service. However, please do not use the badge or snippet to suggest betafaceapi.com is responsible for your web site's content or service.

For commercial users we offer additional options, such as running dedicated image/video processing servers, complete webservice or SDK licensing and custom development. For additional information please contact us with your project description.

betaface.com @ twitter

Metadata and functions summary

Webservice will provide following image metadata:

general face info:
- faces (positions, sizes, angles)
- face landmarks locations (22 basic, 101 pro)
- cropped face images
- gender, age, ethnicity, smile, glasses, mustache and beard detection

extended measurements:
- face and facial features shapes description
- hair and skin color
- facial hair detection
- approximate hairstyle shape
- background color and clothes color.

following functions supported:
- upload image file or submit image url
- retrieve image and face metadata, including cropped face image
- compare single faces or groups of faces and receive similarity confidence along with match decision.
- transform face image(s) - generate averages from two or more faces, change face expression or otherwise modify them.
- add user defined metadata tags, store user-adjusted points and face info.

Click on the image to see all face landmarks you can get from API
Betaface API face points